Call us: +1 813-924-1136

Call us: +1 813-924-1136


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase an RV from WanderCamp RV?

We are a licensed RV dealer so we are always trying to keep the inventory up with the demand. However the demand is strong but we will get you in a remodeled RV within a month.

Honestly the best thing you can do is call us directly to see if any RVs are completed and ready to hit the road. A lot of the time we have a wait list but we try to keep it short by completing a build in two weeks. Also we can work with you on finding an RV that fits your needs for us to go find, buy and remodel for you.

How long does a remodel take?

Great question! Our standard build takes about two weeks. If we are doing a custom remodel then three weeks is more realistic.

Do I have a say in the design?

Absolutely! Lets get crazy! We do pride ourselves in having good design eye but two eyes are better than one. If you get real creative it might move it to a custom build which would add a little bit more time and possible cost. We also have a third party interior designer if you would like to work with her directly.

What if I already own a RV and want it remodeled?

Bring it on! Yes we remodel RVs that already have an owner. You would need to contact us for a design meeting and quote.

Do you offer financing?

No sorry but we can recommend good banks that finance motorhomes.

Do you offer a warranty?

No sorry we as a company do not. We can refer you to companies where you can purchase an extended warranty. Even if you purchased a brand new RV, the manufacture is only going to give you a 1 year warranty on the RV and 3 years on the engine. We don’t sell new RVs so most the time that manufacture warranty is expired.

Do you remodel the exteriors.

We do not. Once again we can refer you to an RV body shop that can do anything you want.

What about the engine, generator and all that important stuff?

Great point and yes it is very important. When we buy an RV we don’t mind a project on the inside but we will not buy an RV that’s a project mechanically. We have been doing this a long time and know how to inspect an RV to be mechanically sound. We check the engines , frame rust, generator condition and much more that you wouldn’t even think to inspect. When you buy from us you can see the history report on the RV and know everything will be working as it should when you drive off.

Do I need a special driver license to drive an RV?

No you do not. Its not a commercial vehicle but a recreation vehicle so standard license is fine.

Road Experience

RV experience is what we have
which most RV salespeople out there can’t even spell RV much less tell you about what it is really like RVing.

Looking For Something Specific?

We look forward to working with you

We complete three to four remodels per month so should always have something available for sale. Would love to have you come visit our indoor work shop so you can see how it all goes down. We can discuss whats available or show you what were working on. Maybe even get into a custom build.

Not sure if we’ve got what you need? Give us a call we love to talk RV’s.

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