Call us: +1 813-924-1136

Call us: +1 813-924-1136


About Us

My name is Ryan Stubbs and I am the founder of WanderCamp RV. I just wanted to tell you about myself and how I came to remodeling and selling RVs. I have been in the RV industry since 2005 and started an RV rental company in Tampa Florida. While operating the rental company I became very aware of all the different makes and models of motorhomes. I learned which RV manufactures to stay away from because I knew it was only a matter of time before something happened to them. In the RV rental world I promise you I have seen it all. I did enjoy many things about the RV rental world but the one I enjoyed the most was teaching first time RVers how to use and drive it. Everyone is intimidated when they first walk inside one and that is where I come in and explain to them what to do in any situation. I started noticing people were renting because they wanted to buy an RV eventually.

Fast forward to 2018 when I sold the rental company and decided to just help people find and buy the right RV. After renting they would then go to a big RV dealership where a RV salesman tried to tell them what RV they needed. Im sure there are some good RV salesmen out there but I am also sure they most likely never even owned or used one for personal use before. So they really don’t truly know how to help them pick out the right RV for what they want to use it for. Once I sold the RV rental company all I did was help people buy the right RV for them and actually teach them how to use it. Because I had my RV dealer license I can buy used RVs from where all the big dealers get their inventory.

While selling RVs my family and I would often use one to go camping. While camping my wife Heather would always say “Why don’t you make these thing look good inside and then sell them”. Like always I only kind of was listening but eventually I came around. I was with my good friend who is a master carpenter in a older 2000 model RV when we both decided to gut out the RV and remodel it like the houses you see on HG TV. We did and the rest is history. From there its like God had it all planned out for us but was waiting until we took the leap of faith and did it. Everything fell into place so naturally and we became the go to for the remodeled beautiful RVs we create.

We are WanderCamp RV and are very good at what we do. We have a great designers eye but also have professional designers we will work with on special builds. No matter what your style we can put it in an RV that you will want to show off and call home. Please browse around the web site or come visit us in our indoor workshop.

Our Projects

When we pick out an RV to buy, remodel and sell we make sure its perfect mechanically. We don’t mind a project on the inside but we don’t want a beat up rust bucket on the outside. We have a deep passion for taking the ugly interiors of any RV and making it truly something special. Browse our past projects, or better yet come down to our indoor work shop in Clearwater Florida to see what were working on!

2000 Itasca Suncruiser

1999 Southwind

Looking For Something Specific?

We look forward to working with you

We complete three to four remodels per month so should always have something available for sale. Would love to have you come visit our indoor work shop so you can see how it all goes down. We can discuss whats available or show you what were working on. Maybe even get into a custom build.

Not sure if we’ve got what you need? Give us a call we love to talk RV’s.

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